complete filling lines

for bottle filling, capping and labelling

Semi Automatic bottle filler , capper and labeling

The 8 Valve step filler is a robust and reliable filler that is perfect for various products. The machines are designed and manufactured for the harsh liquid packing enviroment , where high concentrations of cleaning chemicals are used daily. The filling tanks are design specifically for milk standard.
With the filler, comes a standard range of hand capper, self adhesive labeler and packing tables. Shrink wrapping machines are also available.

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Ultra compact automatic bottle filler capper and packaging line

The 9 Head Rotary Filler Capper Monoblock is perfectly suited for small to medium size production facility where factory space is always limited. The filling lines has a Semi Automatic bottle infeed table , automatic self adhesive labeling machine and manual packing table. Automatic shrink wrappers are available. The filling line needs 3 staff members to function effectively .

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